The fault in our stars


I’ve read the book the fault in our stars by the author John Green. My expectations on the book before I read it was high because I’ve seen the movie and I really liked it. So before I read it I hoped that I would get more details in the book than in the movie.

The book is about a 17 year old girl who got cancer. Her name is Hazel, she’s got lung cancer and have to go around with an oxygen tube. Her mom thinks that she got zero social life and decides that she should go to a support group. The support group is full of other kids that got cancer as well. It’s in the support group that Hazel meets Augustus for the first time. Augustus had also got cancer so one of his legs are half. Augustus is only there because his friend Isaac didn’t want to be there alone. Isaac got cancer in his eyes and is also a very important character of the book. After Hazel and Augustus meet for the first time they start to get to know each other and hangout more and more often. Both Hazel and Augustus love to read so they give each other their favourite book. After this both of them got the same favourite book. The only issue with the book they read is that it doesn’t really end. So both Augustus and Hazel wants to know how the book ends and Hazel have send plenty of mails and letters to the author but he have never answered. At last he actually answers and Hazel and Augustus got to go to Amsterdam to meet the author…

I give the book 4/5 stars. I liked it very much but I don’t give it a 5/5 because I didn’t like the ending at all. If it wouldn’t end the way it did I would have give it five stars.

I would definitely recommend the book. For both boys and girls. I think the book fits mostly teenagers because the characters is teenagers and when you read it you can relate to many things they say or does. But of course adults can read the book to and enjoy it.


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