Book review-The Fault In Our Stars

Book review of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
My expectations I wrote before I read the book
I have really high expectations on the book. I think it will be as good as it was when I read it in Swedish because the plot is so emotional and touching.
My favorite character is Isaac. He is Augustus friend. I think he is a kind, funny and a smart person. When he was a kid he got eye cancer and gets blind on one of his eyes. When he gets older he gets a relapse and gets totally blind but he is still the same person and sticks with his friends Augustus and Hazel. They do things together and support each other through their problems even if they have problems of their own. I think Isaac helps very much with his funny jokes and smile on his face.
Hazel is the main character of the book. She is a very special person. She has lung cancer which makes her breathing very hard. She carries a oxygen tube with her and wears a cannula. I think the knows very much about her disease and is very aware of everything it makes to her. She knows that she is going to die. She is a person who thinks very much and is very smart.
Augustus is the guy Hazel met at the support group. He is a very kind person and wants everyone to feel good. He chooses everyone else in front of himself.
The book is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. She has had cancer in both her lungs since she was thirteen. Now when she is sixteen she needs to carry a oxygen tube with her to survive. Her mom thought she was depressed and sent her to a support group where she met Augustus Walters. Augustus and hazel starts to hang out and they recommend books to each other. Hazel said to Augustus to read the book An Imperial Affection that she has read dozens of times. The book ends in the middle of a sentence and both Augustus and Hazel wats to know what happens. Hazel have tried to contact the author Peter van Houten but he doesn’t Answer. Peter has moved to Amsterdam. Augustus and Hazel tries to go there to find him and the end of the book.
I recommend the book to everyone because it is not as any other book I have read. It has an ending which is not as other books. and it gives you special and many feelings. And give it 10 out of 10 points.