Book review

Paper towns
The book Paper towns are written by the author John Green and is an exiting love story. One year ago I watched the movie and really liked it so my expectations where very high. I hoped that it would be a funny book but also exiting so that you want to read more.

The main character Quentin lives right across the street from the love of his life, Margo. Margo and Quentin were best friends when they where little but the two of them don’t talk anymore. One night Margo climb into Quentin’s bedroom window and asks him if she could borrow his car. She wants help to complete 11 missions and that night the two of them get to know each other all over again. The next day Quentin wake up hoping Margo will at least say hi to him at school but she doesn’t even show up. Nobody knows where she is but every now and then she disappears. Margo is a mysterious girl and every time she disappears she leaves clues so that her family knows where she is. This time she leaves them for Quentin. He uses the clues and tries to find the girl he has spent his whole life loving.

I give the book a 4/5. The story about the two teenagers are very exiting and it’s a beautiful and mysterious love story. The ending is the one thing that I was a little bit disappointed at but over all it’s a very good book.

I strongly recommend to read the book Paper towns. I think that especially teenagers can relate to a lot of things in the book. When you read about Quentin, Margo and their friends you relate to the way they think and act but you also get a whole new perspective. Margo sees the city as a paper town with paper people and paper houses and maybe you can love mysteries so much that you become one.