Looking for Alaska

About the book
Looking for Alaska is about a guy named Miles, who starts at the boarding school ”Culver Creek” in Alabama. Partly because he doesn’t have a lot of friends back home, and partly because he wants to find ”his great perhaps” (a quote from one of his favorite authors). At the school Miles meets his new roommate Chip, or as he’s called – the Colonel. He also meets Alaska Young, the most amazing, funny and beautiful girl he has ever met. The three of them and two other people, Taukimi and Lara, become a group of friends. Together they prank the other students and the teachers, and Miles really enjoys spending time with Alaska. You really can’t wait for him to ask her out, even though she already has a boyfriend… Then one day something terrible happens, and Miles and the Colonel feel like it’s their fault. They have to find out what actually happened.

The characters
Miles is a tall and thin guy, and he has a big interest in people’s last words. So basically he can retell the last sentence every president of the United States ever said before they died. It’s just a different, and quite interesting, interest of his.

Alaska is a good looking girl with ”the perfect body”. She has green eyes and loves poetry and pranking. I really like Alaska because she is a really free spirited person. She doesn’t care what other people think and she goes her own way. Something I don’t like about her though is that she smokes, and she actually makes Miles start smoking.

The Colonel, who is actually named Chip, is a short and muscular guy, who together with Alaska make up the ultimate prank duo. He’s really funny and full of ideas.

I give the book five out of five stars because I really loved it. It’s easy to understand and I feel like I can relate to it. Looking for Alaska is an interesting book and once you’ve started reading it you can’t stop because you want to find out what happens next.

I would recommend it to teenagers, both boys and girls, who like books about a persons life. You’ll also like the book if you know that you like other John Green books.


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