Book review

The fault in our stars
By john Green
The book is about a girl called Hazel Grace Lancaster and she has cancer in both her lungs. She carries a oxygen tube with her that help her lungs to work. Her mother and her doctor thought that she’s was depressed so they send her to a support group where she met Augustus Waters. They start to hang out and it seems like they start to like each other. They switch books and Hazel gives him her favorite book written by Peter van Houten, and he gave her a sci-fi book. Then they do a trip to Amsterdam to meet Peter van Houten to ask questions about the book.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a girl with lung cancer, she goes on many treatments and meets many doctors. Hazel is very honest and she is very thoughtful. Hazel is very aware about her situation.

Augustus Walters is my favorite character in the book is because he seems so sweet. He’s a very honest person and he cares about the people he loves. I think Augustus gave Hazel hope, he made her feel better and loved. He is the kind of guy you want to hang out with, everyone needs an Augustus Walters in their life who can support and be honest to them. Augustus has had cancer in his leg and amputee it.

Isaac is Hazel and Augustus friend, he has had cancer in one eye but later he gets a relapse and get fully blind. Isaac is very funny and kind. He goes through a heartbreak in the book but is still very supportive to his friends

I give the book 5 out of 5 because the book is very honest and you really get to know the characters. It’s a different book because the book doesn’t have the typical ending and it’s feels very true. I really recommend this book because it’s a very real story about life and loss.


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