Book review


I have read the book ”Life on the refrigerator door” written by Alice Kuipers.

The book was about a teenager girl whose name is Claire and her mom. Claire lives a normal life with her separated parents. She hangs out with friends, have problems with her new boyfriend Mike and studying. Her mom is just working but their relationship is good without their fights about misunderstanding. The problem is that their relationship takes a turn when Clarie’s mom wrote a note saying she had beast cancer.

My expectations before I read the book was very small. I hadn’t heard something about the book before and I hadn’t seen any movie about what the book was about before. My only expectation was to read a good book. I had never read a book before with that kind of structure like just read notes, so my expectation about that was very big because I thought that seemed very funny.

My favourite section in the book is when Claire is supporting her mom when she goes to the hospital with her breast cancer.

I give the book three out of five stars and that is because the book wasn’t the best book I have read but not earthier the worst book I have read. It was a little bit difficult because you only got to read the notes and don’t what they talked about when they met each other in the real life.

I don’t recommend the book so much because I know you can find better books. But I think teenagers will enjoy the book. But maybe also older people because it’s about a family issue.


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