The fault in our stars

My fault in our stars
Author: John Green

4/5 stars⭐️
My expectations before I started to read the book was pretty high because I have seen the movie and I thought that it was good so I hoped that the book will have more details than in the movie which was the big thing why I choose this book.

The book is about the main character Hazel Grace who has cancer in her lungs and went to a support group for people with cancer. After some meetings with the group she met a guy with the name Augustus and followed him to his house and met his parents. They start to get feelings to each other and he gave her a book with a paper with his number that she calls after they have met each other and Hazel gave a book to Augustus too. Augustus wrote a mail to the author Mr. Peter Van Houten which is the author of Hazel’s favourite book and wanted to know what happened with the other characters in the book. But he didn’t answer so after a while they decide to go to Amsterdam to get the answers.

My favourite place in the book is the home of the waters family. The place goes unnamed in the book, though frequently described with neighbourhoods, quiet roads, parks with densely wooded areas and a small community college which Hazel attends. I imagine that there is a real town in America to fit the description.

The main character is Hazel, Augustus and Isak

-Hazel is a girl on 17 years who is pretty alone and has lung cancer that she never will get rid of.

-Augustus is a boy who had cancer in one of his leg but have been declared healthy from it.

Isak is a boy who is friend with Augustus and has cancer in his eyes.

I liked the book pretty much. Sometimes I really got into the book and sometimes not but the mostly I got into the book when I read. It was pretty interesting but sometimes it went a little boring but after a while it went nice again and I liked that the book had more details than the movie which was my expectations of the book before I read it.

I recommend this to people in my age and a little older who likes books of persons life and sad events. Because I think it’s worth a read and if you had read another books of john green and likes it you will probably like this too.


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