Book review: Untochable Friend For Life


friends for life


The book is written by Philippe Pozzo Di Borgen and it’s based on a true story. I chose this book because I had seen the movie which was really good and I thought that the book would be good too.

It’s about Philipe who is a successful businessman who becomes paralysed from the neck and down after s paraglidingaccident. He can just talk and move he’s head. With other words he can’t do anything for his own so he needs an assistant.

On day Philipe had interviews to found the perfect assistant. He didn’t found anyone. He think they were so boring because the just wanted his best. He wanted an assistant who was funny and like a friend.

Later he found the perfect assistant, Abdel. He was born in Algeria and grew up with his uncle in the worst part of town. So theft and drugs were part of everyday life. But Philip thought anyway that Abdel could be a good assistant. And Philipe had right. Abdel was really good and they become friends for life. After the accident Philipe didn’t saw no cause to live but Abdel change this thought.

The book takes place in Philipe’s magnificent house in Paris in France. You will read about Abdel and Philipe when they are going on adventures and doing thinks that make you laugh.

There is a movie to this book which is really good. I have seen it and I loved it. I can really recommend the film.

The book is good if you want to read a legible book. But I don’t recommend this book because I think that it was quaint boring because the chapter haven’t any connection. But I think that the original book is better.

I give the book two of five stars and I recommend the original book and the movie to every people over ten years. YOU REALLY REALLY HAVE TO SEE THE MOVIE! The theme is friendship.

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