The fault in our stars


I’ve read the book the fault in our stars by the author John Green. My expectations on the book before I read it was high because I’ve seen the movie and I really liked it. So before I read it I hoped that I would get more details in the book than in the movie.

The book is about a 17 year old girl who got cancer. Her name is Hazel, she’s got lung cancer and have to go around with an oxygen tube. Her mom thinks that she got zero social life and decides that she should go to a support group. The support group is full of other kids that got cancer as well. It’s in the support group that Hazel meets Augustus for the first time. Augustus had also got cancer so one of his legs are half. Augustus is only there because his friend Isaac didn’t want to be there alone. Isaac got cancer in his eyes and is also a very important character of the book. After Hazel and Augustus meet for the first time they start to get to know each other and hangout more and more often. Both Hazel and Augustus love to read so they give each other their favourite book. After this both of them got the same favourite book. The only issue with the book they read is that it doesn’t really end. So both Augustus and Hazel wants to know how the book ends and Hazel have send plenty of mails and letters to the author but he have never answered. At last he actually answers and Hazel and Augustus got to go to Amsterdam to meet the author…

I give the book 4/5 stars. I liked it very much but I don’t give it a 5/5 because I didn’t like the ending at all. If it wouldn’t end the way it did I would have give it five stars.

I would definitely recommend the book. For both boys and girls. I think the book fits mostly teenagers because the characters is teenagers and when you read it you can relate to many things they say or does. But of course adults can read the book to and enjoy it.

Book review-The Fault In Our Stars

Book review of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
My expectations I wrote before I read the book
I have really high expectations on the book. I think it will be as good as it was when I read it in Swedish because the plot is so emotional and touching.
My favorite character is Isaac. He is Augustus friend. I think he is a kind, funny and a smart person. When he was a kid he got eye cancer and gets blind on one of his eyes. When he gets older he gets a relapse and gets totally blind but he is still the same person and sticks with his friends Augustus and Hazel. They do things together and support each other through their problems even if they have problems of their own. I think Isaac helps very much with his funny jokes and smile on his face.
Hazel is the main character of the book. She is a very special person. She has lung cancer which makes her breathing very hard. She carries a oxygen tube with her and wears a cannula. I think the knows very much about her disease and is very aware of everything it makes to her. She knows that she is going to die. She is a person who thinks very much and is very smart.
Augustus is the guy Hazel met at the support group. He is a very kind person and wants everyone to feel good. He chooses everyone else in front of himself.
The book is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. She has had cancer in both her lungs since she was thirteen. Now when she is sixteen she needs to carry a oxygen tube with her to survive. Her mom thought she was depressed and sent her to a support group where she met Augustus Walters. Augustus and hazel starts to hang out and they recommend books to each other. Hazel said to Augustus to read the book An Imperial Affection that she has read dozens of times. The book ends in the middle of a sentence and both Augustus and Hazel wats to know what happens. Hazel have tried to contact the author Peter van Houten but he doesn’t Answer. Peter has moved to Amsterdam. Augustus and Hazel tries to go there to find him and the end of the book.
I recommend the book to everyone because it is not as any other book I have read. It has an ending which is not as other books. and it gives you special and many feelings. And give it 10 out of 10 points.

The fault in our stars

My fault in our stars
Author: John Green

4/5 stars⭐️
My expectations before I started to read the book was pretty high because I have seen the movie and I thought that it was good so I hoped that the book will have more details than in the movie which was the big thing why I choose this book.

The book is about the main character Hazel Grace who has cancer in her lungs and went to a support group for people with cancer. After some meetings with the group she met a guy with the name Augustus and followed him to his house and met his parents. They start to get feelings to each other and he gave her a book with a paper with his number that she calls after they have met each other and Hazel gave a book to Augustus too. Augustus wrote a mail to the author Mr. Peter Van Houten which is the author of Hazel’s favourite book and wanted to know what happened with the other characters in the book. But he didn’t answer so after a while they decide to go to Amsterdam to get the answers.

My favourite place in the book is the home of the waters family. The place goes unnamed in the book, though frequently described with neighbourhoods, quiet roads, parks with densely wooded areas and a small community college which Hazel attends. I imagine that there is a real town in America to fit the description.

The main character is Hazel, Augustus and Isak

-Hazel is a girl on 17 years who is pretty alone and has lung cancer that she never will get rid of.

-Augustus is a boy who had cancer in one of his leg but have been declared healthy from it.

Isak is a boy who is friend with Augustus and has cancer in his eyes.

I liked the book pretty much. Sometimes I really got into the book and sometimes not but the mostly I got into the book when I read. It was pretty interesting but sometimes it went a little boring but after a while it went nice again and I liked that the book had more details than the movie which was my expectations of the book before I read it.

I recommend this to people in my age and a little older who likes books of persons life and sad events. Because I think it’s worth a read and if you had read another books of john green and likes it you will probably like this too.


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Looking for Alaska

About the book
Looking for Alaska is about a guy named Miles, who starts at the boarding school ”Culver Creek” in Alabama. Partly because he doesn’t have a lot of friends back home, and partly because he wants to find ”his great perhaps” (a quote from one of his favorite authors). At the school Miles meets his new roommate Chip, or as he’s called – the Colonel. He also meets Alaska Young, the most amazing, funny and beautiful girl he has ever met. The three of them and two other people, Taukimi and Lara, become a group of friends. Together they prank the other students and the teachers, and Miles really enjoys spending time with Alaska. You really can’t wait for him to ask her out, even though she already has a boyfriend… Then one day something terrible happens, and Miles and the Colonel feel like it’s their fault. They have to find out what actually happened.

The characters
Miles is a tall and thin guy, and he has a big interest in people’s last words. So basically he can retell the last sentence every president of the United States ever said before they died. It’s just a different, and quite interesting, interest of his.

Alaska is a good looking girl with ”the perfect body”. She has green eyes and loves poetry and pranking. I really like Alaska because she is a really free spirited person. She doesn’t care what other people think and she goes her own way. Something I don’t like about her though is that she smokes, and she actually makes Miles start smoking.

The Colonel, who is actually named Chip, is a short and muscular guy, who together with Alaska make up the ultimate prank duo. He’s really funny and full of ideas.

I give the book five out of five stars because I really loved it. It’s easy to understand and I feel like I can relate to it. Looking for Alaska is an interesting book and once you’ve started reading it you can’t stop because you want to find out what happens next.

I would recommend it to teenagers, both boys and girls, who like books about a persons life. You’ll also like the book if you know that you like other John Green books.

Book review: Untochable Friend For Life


friends for life


The book is written by Philippe Pozzo Di Borgen and it’s based on a true story. I chose this book because I had seen the movie which was really good and I thought that the book would be good too.

It’s about Philipe who is a successful businessman who becomes paralysed from the neck and down after s paraglidingaccident. He can just talk and move he’s head. With other words he can’t do anything for his own so he needs an assistant.

On day Philipe had interviews to found the perfect assistant. He didn’t found anyone. He think they were so boring because the just wanted his best. He wanted an assistant who was funny and like a friend.

Later he found the perfect assistant, Abdel. He was born in Algeria and grew up with his uncle in the worst part of town. So theft and drugs were part of everyday life. But Philip thought anyway that Abdel could be a good assistant. And Philipe had right. Abdel was really good and they become friends for life. After the accident Philipe didn’t saw no cause to live but Abdel change this thought.

The book takes place in Philipe’s magnificent house in Paris in France. You will read about Abdel and Philipe when they are going on adventures and doing thinks that make you laugh.

There is a movie to this book which is really good. I have seen it and I loved it. I can really recommend the film.

The book is good if you want to read a legible book. But I don’t recommend this book because I think that it was quaint boring because the chapter haven’t any connection. But I think that the original book is better.

I give the book two of five stars and I recommend the original book and the movie to every people over ten years. YOU REALLY REALLY HAVE TO SEE THE MOVIE! The theme is friendship.

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Av: Clara

Book review

The fault in our stars
By john Green
The book is about a girl called Hazel Grace Lancaster and she has cancer in both her lungs. She carries a oxygen tube with her that help her lungs to work. Her mother and her doctor thought that she’s was depressed so they send her to a support group where she met Augustus Waters. They start to hang out and it seems like they start to like each other. They switch books and Hazel gives him her favorite book written by Peter van Houten, and he gave her a sci-fi book. Then they do a trip to Amsterdam to meet Peter van Houten to ask questions about the book.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a girl with lung cancer, she goes on many treatments and meets many doctors. Hazel is very honest and she is very thoughtful. Hazel is very aware about her situation.

Augustus Walters is my favorite character in the book is because he seems so sweet. He’s a very honest person and he cares about the people he loves. I think Augustus gave Hazel hope, he made her feel better and loved. He is the kind of guy you want to hang out with, everyone needs an Augustus Walters in their life who can support and be honest to them. Augustus has had cancer in his leg and amputee it.

Isaac is Hazel and Augustus friend, he has had cancer in one eye but later he gets a relapse and get fully blind. Isaac is very funny and kind. He goes through a heartbreak in the book but is still very supportive to his friends

I give the book 5 out of 5 because the book is very honest and you really get to know the characters. It’s a different book because the book doesn’t have the typical ending and it’s feels very true. I really recommend this book because it’s a very real story about life and loss.

Book review

Paper towns
The book Paper towns are written by the author John Green and is an exiting love story. One year ago I watched the movie and really liked it so my expectations where very high. I hoped that it would be a funny book but also exiting so that you want to read more.

The main character Quentin lives right across the street from the love of his life, Margo. Margo and Quentin were best friends when they where little but the two of them don’t talk anymore. One night Margo climb into Quentin’s bedroom window and asks him if she could borrow his car. She wants help to complete 11 missions and that night the two of them get to know each other all over again. The next day Quentin wake up hoping Margo will at least say hi to him at school but she doesn’t even show up. Nobody knows where she is but every now and then she disappears. Margo is a mysterious girl and every time she disappears she leaves clues so that her family knows where she is. This time she leaves them for Quentin. He uses the clues and tries to find the girl he has spent his whole life loving.

I give the book a 4/5. The story about the two teenagers are very exiting and it’s a beautiful and mysterious love story. The ending is the one thing that I was a little bit disappointed at but over all it’s a very good book.

I strongly recommend to read the book Paper towns. I think that especially teenagers can relate to a lot of things in the book. When you read about Quentin, Margo and their friends you relate to the way they think and act but you also get a whole new perspective. Margo sees the city as a paper town with paper people and paper houses and maybe you can love mysteries so much that you become one.

Book review


I have read the book ”Life on the refrigerator door” written by Alice Kuipers.

The book was about a teenager girl whose name is Claire and her mom. Claire lives a normal life with her separated parents. She hangs out with friends, have problems with her new boyfriend Mike and studying. Her mom is just working but their relationship is good without their fights about misunderstanding. The problem is that their relationship takes a turn when Clarie’s mom wrote a note saying she had beast cancer.

My expectations before I read the book was very small. I hadn’t heard something about the book before and I hadn’t seen any movie about what the book was about before. My only expectation was to read a good book. I had never read a book before with that kind of structure like just read notes, so my expectation about that was very big because I thought that seemed very funny.

My favourite section in the book is when Claire is supporting her mom when she goes to the hospital with her breast cancer.

I give the book three out of five stars and that is because the book wasn’t the best book I have read but not earthier the worst book I have read. It was a little bit difficult because you only got to read the notes and don’t what they talked about when they met each other in the real life.

I don’t recommend the book so much because I know you can find better books. But I think teenagers will enjoy the book. But maybe also older people because it’s about a family issue.


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